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Searching for the right location for your business is critical. Making a decision where to locate your business is derived from many real estate market and business factors but not limited to finding a productive workplace for your perfect employees and retaining them while you maintain a perfect corporate brand with a steady flow of business. Maxxum’s professionals can help you, from analyzing and acquisition of the space that is right for you and guiding you with the tough decisions making with the knowledge, experience and excellence. 

Needs Analysis

Maxxum Investment Group will help identify your current and future real estate needs by assessing financial, environmental, operational and qualitative criteria, including:

  • Understanding your current situation and needs
  • Confirmation of financial and operational objectives, including sustainability
  • Accurate identification of all market opportunities
  • Analysis of risks and opportunities against criteria
  • Development, evaluation and selection of an effective occupancy strategy/strategies

Option Development

Current market knowledge is critical to the success of real estate projects. Maxxum’s follows the following process to determine the options available for you:

  • Identification of all viable market opportunities
  • Optimization of opportunities through detailed analysis
  • Appropriate timing to enter the market
  • Strong leverage with the landlord community
  • Successful negotiations, based on the criteria established 

Project Implementation

We help you produce all of the necessary documentation required to bind the parties in the agreed terms of the transaction, and oversee the process from start to finish. Our experienced professionals work to ensure:

  • Accurate documentation of lease terms, including: services, sustainability standards, infrastructure, construction, work provisions, scheduling, delivery and/or delay conditions/operating costs review
  • Timely execution of the ease
  • Project coordination
  • Project continuity

If you would like more information about our services feel free to contact us.